A trusted and long-term partner for recyclable materials worldwide!

What we do

Improving Sustainability has become the underlying foundation of many key initiatives for the development of the circular economy.

Recycling is an important driver to increased sustainability and developing the circular economy as recycling reduces the need for primary materials and as such saves important nature resources.

It also saves energy and reduces pollution. Reduces need for landfill and contributes to employment as it creates stable employment in collection and recycling markets.

We contribute by having created and connecting our global network of suppliers with our customers.

The added value we provide is to collect, sort to grade and supply high quality secondary fibers for further processing.

The satisfaction of our customers and understanding theirs, and more in general, market needs, has supported our continued growth and success.

Our international network of valued and established partners has allowed us to become a truly global player in this field and allows us to offer an extensive range of products and solutions for each part of the world.