A trusted and long-term partner for recyclable materials worldwide!

Company Profile

Recycle Benelux B.V. is a trusted and long-term partner in the recycling industry and a well-established trade-partner with a global reach, providing superior recyclable materials.

 The company activities are the following:

  • Buying and selling of recovered paper (waste and damaged new paper and packaging, printed or non-printed)

  • Buying and selling of spot lots of new paper

  • Buying and selling of recyclable plastics

  • Sorting and grading of recovered paper and plastics, baling this and selling these secondary fibers for further reprocessing in mills

  • Offering consultancy service to companies and local governments

We mainly operate in the European community, North America and Asia.

Today the company is operating from 2 strategic locations being Amsterdam and Drachten in the Netherlands, serving the world!

Having established a solid foundation of business in Europe, USA and Asia, Recycle Benelux B.V. is embarking on a dynamic growth strategy further penetrating European markets and other potential growing and emerging markets.